The best way to learn the fretboard forever
Learn and master the notes of the guitar, while having fun.



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The best way to master the fretboard

The aim of FretXMaster is to make you know and fully master the notes of the guitar

Mastering the notes of the guitar is often neglected by self-taught guitarists

Without realizing it, they miss an essential tool to progress

FretXMaster is a complete training in 6 modules divided into 61 units that will guide you step by step towards the perfect knowledge of the guitar fretboard.
   - You will have a full understanding of what you are playing: notes, chords, scales ...
   - You will be much more comfortable in improvisation
   - It will help you be able to read a music score (not only a tablature)
   - You will feel much more assured playing and you will be more relaxed, which is essential to acquire a high level in the practice of an instrument

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Once and for all ?
FretXMaster is based on the spaced repetition system to anchor everything you learn in your memory at the long run

The disadvantage of the classical methods of learning is that over time, all that one learns ends up being forgotten

FretXMaster is like a personalized coach: Every day it will tell you exactly which units to review according to your past results

Thus, the least mastered units will be proposed more often than the units you master most

This allows to review the units at the right time: Neither too early (because it is useless), nor too late (because it is already forgotten)

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Progress and gain experience

FretXMaster is a lot of fun. Gather experience points and money to move through the levels and become a better musician

To keep on being motivated, FretXMaster treats your learning as a game

Did you pass a unit ? Earn experience points and virtual money

You failed a unit ? Lose hitpoints !
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Interactive Training
Use your guitar directly with FretXMaster

Connect a guitar to your computer or use the microphone on your computer or smartphone. Throughout the units, FretXMaster tells you if the unit is successful by listening to you play

If you do not have your guitar available or you do not want to use it, FretXMaster suggest to self-assess



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